We had a health ed lesson on domestic abuse today, and we were given this sheet with statements on that we had to decide if they were abusive or not. One of the statements was “Sometimes my boyfriend lets me see my friends” - clearly abusive. But when I said so, this really bitchy girl, Alice, started having a go at me saying it wasn’t abusive and she was really horrible and she wouldn’t back down - despite the fact that other people (including the teacher) backed me up. I thought I was going to punch her, I was so angry I was physically shaking and I had to leave the room for 20 minutes. School is so stressful :(

Anonymous asked:

Who's your boyfriend? I thought you were single...?

Haha yeah well i managed to pull (shocking as that is), his name is Stephen and he’s really lovely, his blog is fall-0ut-kid so you should all go follow him

Had an anxiety attack at dinner :S

Dad cooked dinner tonight, in an effort to “let mum off” - however, halfway through the meal I realised the sausages weren’t cooked properly. My dad is a very proud person, and I knew he’d get defensive if I said anything so I just kept quiet and ate everything else (even though I was already feeling a bit sick and anxious because i’d already eaten some). But then Mum noticed and asked if I was ok, so I explained, and as predicted Dad reacted badly so I started feeling even more anxious and guilty, and combined with already being anxious about school tomorrow (see my earlier text post), I had an panic attack. Then Dad started saying I was overreacting and being a bad influence on my sister (because she has ocd so she’s weird about food), which was horrible, although my mum did have a go at him and made him apologise.

The worst part is I’m so nervous because my boyfriend is supposed to be coming round on Thursday and if they behave like this I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do. I don’t want them scaring him away because he makes me so happy.

So. Much. Anxiety.

Reeeaallllyyy not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow…although I have done some work the holidays have been so nice, and I don’t want to be thrown back into that pressure cooker. I also haven’t done enough revision, which makes me anxious because now I’m going to have to deal with the consequences. Plus I’ve just had a really lovely social holiday, but with a group of friends who I don’t really hang out with at school (we all come from different social groups), which has been such a nice break and I’m not sure that I want to go back to hanging out with my “normal” group. And there’s probably going to be bitching about my new boyfriend, although they’ll be lovely to my face I know they’ll give him hell behind my back and I don’t need their drama. There’s just going to be so much stress and I’ve had such a good period mental health-wise (only two panic attacks, one time cutting and one ‘down’ day) that I don’t want to mess it up. So much anxiety potential… :S